The following is public record and compiled from notarized statements from many that have been affected.

                                                                                                                                     We hope it helps you avoid the hell they've been through.
Learn all you can about this con man. Please review all 4 pages and check back often.  



    aka MIKE RILEY, 



Be sure to check out the last entry on this link to a bunch of charges from Belmont Co. It's a request by one of his ex's for guardianship of alleged incompetent (Riley)

My name is J.  I have a Bachelors degree in Social Work and a Master's degree in Health Administration.  

Mike Riley is a Con Man, a fraud, a Liar, a Thief and a horrible person.  He targeted a friend of mine, K, at the worst moment of her life when she was suffering from enormous grief.  He wanted her money and took it and spent every dime without any remorse. He left her and her two kids without any of her previous resources. He is a Psychopath!  He should be stopped.   

Please keep submissions coming. All must be clearly notarized. debris-clean-up-has-questionable-background

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                      Recently Submitted Riley - isms. Liar Liar Pants on Fire!


1. "My mother was Edward DeBartelo's (owner of the SF 49ers) sister."  -  DeBartelo Family firmly denies

2. "I'm from Chicago, attended boarding school in Europe, went to Notre Dame and graduated with a degree in Mining Engineering from Colorado Mining  Institute" - He went to a public school in St. Clairsville, OH (where he and his real family are from)  and it's been stated that he did not even graduate HS.   

3. "I am a millionaire, and my family is second in wealth to the famous Walton Family (WalMart). My mom was a Harvard educated lawyer. Dad's a billionaire and owns RR companies, planes, hotels, oil co's., etc. etc.  But- I need to use your credit, just until my trust funds are released. My family is fighting over the inheritance."  - We've been told by M, his 2nd ex-wife's sister, - his mom was actually a maid, curiously, for those he claims are his family.     

Or the infamous  "I need to hide my money  from my ex, the courts, my childrens moms.  -  means he needs to hide someone else's money, and belongings. He needs you so he can put things in your name. And, idealily, he needs to be married to you. He's proposed to every woman he's been with - lol even when he's already married. He filed bankruptcy recently and has reported earning just 14k/year to the courts.  Everything he has ($ and belongings) he took from his multiple ex-wives, their families and the various women that have naively believed they would be paid back when his "inheritance is released" and have assisted him with their credit.  BTW - according to an ex  - HE'S claimed 3 children - a son with a nurse in St. Clairsville, OH, a daughter with a realtor in Buckeye Lake, OH, and another daughter with Tami Longaberger.  We believe that he lied about the 2 daughters and that the son, George Michael Riley, Jr, is the only biological child.            

4. "I am high up in the Mafia and my son was to be the next Mafia Dom."  -  apparently the Mafia stuff is told often and to anyone willing to listen as we've heard it from multiple sources. 

5. "The one(s) before you meant nothing - I just needed a mom for my son and she just needed a father to help with her kids" and "They were cheating on me " - Told by several. He will speak horribly of exes in order to discourage you from contacting them and hearing the truth and to  distract you from what HE is doing.   

6. "I swear on our love" or  "I swear on on my son's life" - This one goes with everything including - I've never cheated on you, I paid the bill,  etc. - Not much value on his son's life huh?

7. "I have a million and one things going on" -  LOL. Means - I'm out with another woman/victim.    

9. "I'm a widower" - his sympathy card for attracting widows. Christine Chorovich, one of his ex wives, did die - but, according to M, Christine's sister, he first stole over 700k from her sister, and assaulted her while holding a gun to her head. She filed charges in Belmont Co. and sadly died, penniless  - AFTER their divorce.  

10. "I will never forget and can never repay you for all you did for me and my son" - "I will of course repay you, pay off all the bills,  and return all of your belongings to you and your kids - I swear on my son's life" - Riley, and his son, (Jr.) took over 900k from his most recent wife's business and personal accounts, a widow in FL, bankrupted her with charges of 1.1m on her credit and took and hid her belongings, and her late husband's belongings, leaving her and her 2 kids penniless, homeless and in major debt.  

He's financially, emotionally and physically abusive.  He's a pathological liar with one motivation - to steal what you have


And some letters from those wanting to share and save others:

Hello, my name is Kris and I have to tell u some thing's about Mike , George, Riley,  whatever he calls himself. Please read this an pay attention for your children. Do yourself a

favor, withhold one of your paychecks an your bank card an your credit card an just see for yourself how his attitude slightly changes an then withhold another an then see how his attitude is toward you . He is a professional con artist. You really have to trust us on

this , I have nothing to gain by writing this , I just think it's disgusting how Mike thinks it's ok to steal from women an there children. You can not honestly deep down in your heart think that he's paying (his ex wife) money every month, an what ever other lies he tells you. He is taking your hard earned money that u need for your children an spending it on other women everyday an looking for his next meal ticket. When u refuse to give him any more he will b on to his next an he always has other lined up. Please ask yourself why a grown man has asked u for money , I know his inheritance is arriving soon , or he has had a fight with his family an they are withholding his funds. ....  Etc etc etc. it will go on an on.  Look him up on the Internet.  
Please for your own sanity because he will tell u what ever u want to hear an leave u with nothing but a broken heart an your children will have nothing.  Trust me.    Feel free to email me anytime an one other thing he will go in your email an respond to whomever writes you an pretend it is you.      Once again please sit back an rethink your situation.  

My name is T and in August of 2006 I met George M. Riley also known as Mike Riley. He convinced me that my husband was having affairs. He provided me with photos and letters that seemed so real. I reluctantly believed him and that is when everything went wrong. He told me was involved with the Mafia and that his family was very wealthy. The stories never ended. He even had his workers (that all looked like homeless people) telling me these stories. He said he owned homes all over the world, The details he had seemed so true. It was like he was on some sort of high -fooling everyone, even my attorney who set up corporations for him but was never paid. I became increasingly concerned about all the strange mail from creditors but with other women's names on them. He was unable to touch any of my money until my divorce was final and that ended up saving me.  When my settlement from my divorce came in he immediately asked me for money- until his trust was released. I told him I'd think about it but knew I never would.  He did however open several credit cards in my name "for business reasons" and it turned out he had used my ss card and fraudulently applied for the card, one of several. He opened several companies - all fake. One day I found a garbage bag full of letters from all these legal firms going after him for fraud. It was like a light went off and I knew then he was a fraud. When Mike was out of town I moved out. I was afraid but more afraid of staying with this unstable person. He showed up and threatened to kill me. He put his hands around my neck and told me I did not know what he's capable of. I begged him to stop and eventually did and left. 

I have not spoken to him since. I filed theft charges and have police reports against George M. Riley. I believe he is a danger to society and a professional criminal. I know that everything he told me about my ex husband was a lie. His goal in life is to prey on either women hurting from loss of spouse or women that are gullible, like myself. I have made statements for other women he's victimized like M.M.

I certify that everything I've written is true.   

Provided by OH Dept. of Corrections